Mark Sorensen Market Commentary

Market Commentary video from Mark Sorensen, President & CEO, Royal Fund Management.

The talking heads spouting the pros and cons from our tv and media sources seem to be more of a distraction than an attraction today. Panels of 4-6 on a screen talking about financial Armageddon are opposed by another large panel espousing the Bull Market into the millennia. Both are nonsense and are there simply for entertainment and media profits.

God is the only One that can tell you where the market will be in 30 days.

That’s why my function as your Investment Adviser is to tune out the NOISE and focus on the fundamentals of the market, both in the U.S. and Globally. We are not in the business of making hasty decisions and we are certainly not knee-jerk  advisers. We are long-term thinkers that believe the core fundamentals are key and sticking to the plan is critical.

As always, we believe patience will be rewarded and to deviate from the plan is likely to be a regrettable decision.

If you have any questions I am always available.

Hope you all had a Blessed Easter weekend!