1. Not making changes – Contrary to popular belief, a 401(k) plan is not a “set it and forget it” program. 401(k) Maneuver can help guide you by providing quarterly reallocation suggestions.

2. Relying on ONLY Target Date Funds (TDF’s) – While TDF’s have become very popular the last few years, it is essential that you diversify and not rely solely on any one specific vehicle. After all, TDF’s do not appropriately manage downside risk.

401(k) Maneuver provides valuable guidance on how to move away from TDF’s and better utilize all the options your plan offers.

3. Not reading your statement – Many people are intimidated by their statements and some simply do not even open them.

401(k) Maneuver can assist you in becoming less intimidated and more engaged. Be confident about achieving your goals for retirement.

4. Not utilizing asset allocation rebalancing – Few people rebalance their 401(k) account and, even those that do, fail to manage risk through proper asset allocation.

401(k) Maneuver guides you with rebalancing based on current market and economic conditions which may result in better performance through downside risk management.

5. Not getting help from a 401(k) expert – Utilizing an expert to do in-depth market research could change your performance from good to great. Studies show that those who get help typically outperform those who don’t.

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